Important Issues Facing the Borough of Queens: 
There are many issues that are plaguing us here in Queens from the current administration.  The current administration has ignored the community board votes and decisions when they don’t agree with the Mayor’s Political agenda. Communities were misled and lied to regarding the creation of shelters and the housing of sex offenders. I have fought against the midnightcreation of homeless shelters in our neighborhoods, congestion along Queens Boulevard, forgoing our zoning laws to allow over-development in our communities and revenue producing speed cameras, to name a few… 

    • Infrastructure – Roads, Bridges, Railways, Airports
      We must have prudent development of our roads to accommodate all forms of transportation without negatively impacting the surrounding communities.
    • Education

We must raise the cap on charter schools. As your Queens Borough President I will work tirelessly with City and State legislators to ensure that more school choices become a reality for the Borough of Queens. 

    • Quality of Life

When government dictates what is good for the people by discarding rules and regulations and decisions of the community, then we must fight for our rights through our votes.

    • Community Board Reforms

Our homeless must be first be removed from our streets in order to give them the proper structure and support they desperately need.
Our zoning laws must be respected and enforced in order to combat the over- development of our neighborhoods. Any new development must include space for community services such as schools or medical facilities.